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NEW Russian Fighter Jet MIG-35 / MIG-35D Compilation, Specs, & Info

Published on Mar 26, 2016


- MiG-35 Single-Seat (Extra Fuel) / MiG-35D Two-Seater.

- NATO Reporting Name: Fulcrum-F.

- Unique OLS (Optical Locator System). Complex of Powerful Optics + IR which can detect any Aircraft, including Stealth Aircraft.

- Phazotron Zhuk-AE AESA Radar (active electronically scanned array). 160Km Air Detection Range & 300Km Ground and Naval Detection Range. Wider frequencies, increased ECM Resistance, Automatic Track & Engage up to 10 Targets Simultaneously.

- MiG-35 Multifunction Self-Protection Jammer, Radar Absorbing Materials, and other Stealth Features.

- Powered by 2 RD-33MKB Engines with Thrust Vectoring Control. Can be upgraded to latest RD-33 variant, RD-OVT, which comes with Thrust Vectoring Nozzles, which can direct thrust in 2 directions (Only Su-35 other aircraft in the world with this capability. F-22 & Su-30MKI can thrust in 1 direction). RD-33 engines are smokeless & include systems that reduce infrared and optical visibility.

- Increased maximum payload to 6.5 tons with any type of munition (Air-to-Air, Air-to-Ground, Air-to-Naval).

- Reduced aircraft weight compared to MiG-29M, which is the platform it is based on (apx. 11,000Kg).

- Maximum speed is 2,400km/h. Service ceiling is 17,500m. Normal & ferry range are 2,000Km and 3,100Km respectively.

- Egypt payed $2 Billion in advance for 50 MiG-35's. 2 to be delivered by end of 2016.

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