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The Vietnam War: 559 Averell Harriman Trail (aka Ho Chi Minh Trail) (English) (Vietnamese)

We convey to you the historical facts about the Vietnam War in which the 559 Averell Harriman Trail (aka Ho Chi Minh Trail), led to the collapse of the entire Republic of Vietnam April 30, 1975.

Please help us to spread this truth to the media around the world.

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August 23, 2017

Truc Lam Tran Nhan Viet Quoc, The Vietnamese Historical Association


In the article "America is so beautiful", on 8/11/2017, Mr. Bui Tin, after praising the US Army's combat role in World War II as well as in the Korean War; he also criticized the Viet Cong's revenge policy against the Republic of Vietnam after April 30, 1975.

He also had so many words praising the United States of America. At the same time, he had the unfair criticism of the US election system through the Electoral College. There is a very strange thing, so we borrowed one of his sentences, i.e. "A bad remark," and sent back to the author.

However, the matter mentioned above is not the purpose of this article. The real purpose is to continue to act as a publicity announcer for the Vietnamese Communist by praising the “559 Averell Harriman Trail”; or also known as the Ho Chi Minh Trail.

(Start of quote) "... I met General Westmoreland three times in Washington DC and New York in 1997 and 1999. He listened to my telling him about the Ho Chi Minh Trail that I had traveled through three times in 1961, 1963 and 1975; and about General Giap's meeting with General Dong Sy Nguyen who was in charge of the traffic on the trail. Gen. Nguyen reported that the bombing of the US Air Force using B52 was not effective at all since only 3 thousandth numbers of bombs hit the trail.” (End of quote)

According to Mr. Bui Tin, the reason that the trail is not affected much by the bombardment of the B-52, because the Republic of Vietnam Army, as well as US and allied forces, are not allowed to attack or destroy. The non-aggression order came from the Pentagon, from the White House, from the US State Department for the trail is the ideas of an American officer, Mr. Averell Harriman (ILLUMINATI).

President Ngo Dinh Diem and his advisor, Mr. Ngo Dinh Nhu, were murdered because they intended on destroying the “559 Averell Harriman Trail.”

During the Vietnam War many times the sorties of ARVN’s Air Force which flew over the 559th Airspace Track were immediately stopped by US’ F-104s and F-105s. There has been nearly air combat between the United States and the Republic of Vietnam Air Forces.

In the last days of April 1975, the reconnaissance flights of the Republic of Vietnam’s Air Force (VNAF) closely encountered Viet Cong (VC) tanks which were moving southward to attack South Vietnam defense forces; however, VNAF were ordered not attack these communist convoys. Consequently, VC was left free to attack and massacre our troops and innocent people.

Fighting the enemies with tied hands, blindfolded, disarmed also means winning is impossible.

The Viet Cong troops captured Saigon with the helping hands of the United States, as well as with the betraying of the Republic of Vietnam, through the 1973 Paris Accords. Through the Vietnam War, the United States purposely borrowed South Vietnam’s roads and Vietnamese corpses to enter the Chinese market. In fact, they are anything good about the war for you to continue bragging.

Reading Bui Tin’s article, readers also see over and over again the propaganda slogan that the US was invading Vietnam, and the VC troops were heroic determination to fight.

In fact, it has become clear 42 years ago about who invaded whom; but Bui Tin continued repeating the very boring things. Through many articles, readers have not seen Bui Tin denounced the Communist Party of Vietnam’s treason to sell out the country to the Chinese invaders. So you’d rather call him a publicist of the Communist regime or what?

Unfortunately, “” has posted his article.

Perhaps this article is propagated to prepare public opinion for US anti-war movement continuing to kiss VC behinds through the release of a film of war by Ken Burns in early September 2017. The film was completed and released following the Vietnam War summit initiated by John Kerry, took place in April-2016 when Barack Obama was still president. The 18-hour movie "The Vietnam War" by Burns and Lynn Novick will be aired on PBS (USA) in September.

Translated English version by Van G. Tran
Vietnamese version by Truc lam Nguyen Viet Phuc Loc

August 16, 2017



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